MSMedia : uuringud, meediasuhted, kriisikommunikatsioon, koolitused, suhtekorraldus:


Good communications specialist will help you plan, carry out and evaluate reliable relationships.
MSMedia as a company was established by Mart Soonik, who has long-term experience in attention economy both as journalist and communications manager.


which includes not only consultations and single media communications, but also complete plans for all communication activities based on the organisation’s real goals. In the private sector we mostly focus on improving internal communications, promoting innovation, media relations and/or marketing communications. In the public and third sectors the attention is rather on research, training or strategic planning. We can also help in a situation that requires fast reaction crisis communication or media relations. We can be trusted as a long-term partner because our consultants have extensive experience and network of good contacts in the entire attention economy. This serves as basis for offering the best service.
Our working languages are mainly Estonian, Russian and English.

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The company’s portfolio includes Environmental Board, CGI Estonia, Saku Brewery, Elisa Estonia, Novatours, Ministry of Social Affairs, Hilding Baltics, Estonian Insurance Brokers Association, Estonian Village Movement, DPD Estonia, “Praxis” Center for Policy Studies, Child Helpline Service, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Supreme Court of Estonia, largest insurance retailing company IIZI, Ministry of Justice etc. Our consultants have previously had long-term co-operation relationships with public, private and third-sector companies.

MSMedia partners include web media marketing company Vurr, Metaprofit- training and consultation company, which mostly concentrates on human pshychology, creative agency Profimeedia, Industrial Productions (video and audio studio), Norstat (research company), Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School. With the help of all of them we can offer an integrated communications service, which will cover all areas that particular client needs.

An example: Year-long contract for the rental of a communications manager, which can be agreed upon to include constant consultations, media monitoring and readiness for crisis communication and media inquiries/articles by MSMedia. Media relations activities can also be replaced by trainings, strategical planning, organizing marketing activities, researches (internal and external communication audit, different qualitative and quantitative researches) or other communications activities that have been agreed on.